How MPL Works and What It Is?

A credit product provided by the Armed Forces of the Philippines Service, Loyalty, and Assistance Insurance is known as MPL, or Multi-Purpose Loan (AFPSLAI). In the case of death or total incapacity, the loan product is intended to assist AFP members in protecting their families financially. Let’s examine what makes this loan product unique in more detail.

How Does MPL Operate in AFPSLAI?

A five-year term loan with equal monthly amortization payments is how MPL is set up in AFPSLAI. Your pay will determine the insurance coverage amount, which is also subject to AFPSLAI’s underwriting requirements. Although you have five years to repay the loan, you are free to pre-terminate it whenever you choose.

MPL’s Advantages in AFPSLAI

The main advantage of an MPL in AFPSLAI is that it gives your family members financial stability in the event of your passing. If you pass away or become totally disabled due to illness or an accident, your family will be covered by the insurance up to P1 million (depending on your earnings). As a result, if something were to happen to them, they wouldn’t have to worry about paying off their current obligations or mortgages.

The fact that all interest payments are tax deductible is another significant advantage of an MPL in AFPSLAI. This can help you save money when submitting your taxes each year. Your MPL may be used for a variety of things, including home repairs, medical care, business ventures, vacation, etc., making it an excellent method to manage cash flow while protecting your family’s finances.

MPL Insurance in AFPSLAI: A Guide

Are you a part of the AFPSLAI, or Armed Forces and Police Savings and Loan Association? If so, you may have already encountered the phrase MPL in AFPSLAI. But what is it exactly? That query will be addressed in this blog post to help AFPSLAI members better comprehend this crucial insurance service.

Multi-Use Loan.

This insurance program is intended just for AFPSLAI members and their dependents. It is meant to offer financial security to members and their families in the case of death or permanent incapacity as a result of a sickness or accident. Depending on the member’s rank, the coverage amount ranges from P100,000 to P1 million, with extra coverage levels dependent on the member’s outstanding loan sum.

Natural causes, accidental death, or incapacity brought on by a sickness or accident, including wounds sustained during combat, are all covered by the policy. Additionally, if a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines passes away from natural causes while still on active duty, their beneficiary will be qualified for additional benefits including funeral expenditure reimbursement and other unique allowances offered by AFPSLAI.

MPL in AFPSLAI insurance also provides coverage for non-accidental death or disability brought on by terrorist attacks, riots, or other civil unrest. As a result, if a member passes away from any of these conditions while serving in the AFP, their beneficiary will be entitled to all the benefits listed above as well as any extra benefits offered by AFPSLAI under its Terrorism & Riot Insurance Program (TRIP).

A Personal Accident Plan (PAP), which pays out a lump sum in the event of death due to an accident; a Hospital Income Benefit (HIB), which provides a daily allowance while you are hospitalized as a result of an injury; a Total Permanent Disability Benefit (TPDB), which provides a lump sum benefit if you become disabled; and the Last Expense Benefit (LEB), which provides a lump sum benefit upon death due to any cause other than those listed under TR.


Members and their families are shielded from financial difficulty by MPL insurance in the event that something bad occurs while they are actively serving in the Philippine Armed Forces. It offers protection against unintentional death or disability brought on by disease or injury, including wounds sustained during combat; unintentional death or disability brought on by terrorism, rioting, or other civil unrest; and other personal accidents such as unintentional falls or fires. Additionally, it provides personnel who passed away from natural causes while on active service with the AFP with extra benefits including payment for funeral costs and other special allowances offered by AFPSLAI. Due to this, MPL insurance is a crucial instrument for ensuring your family’s financial security no matter what happens in life.


MPL from AFPSLAI is a great option for AFP members to give their family financial security in the event that something were to happen to them. In addition to offering life insurance coverage up to P1 million, all interest payments are tax deductible. An MPL from AFPSLAI Loan may be quite helpful for managing cash flow while also safeguarding the future of your family due to its low-interest rates and flexible payback options.

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