Exiting AFPSLAI With Your Capital Contribution

Do you know that after a specific amount of time, the Armed Forces Police Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (AFPSLAI) will refund your capital contribution to AFPSLAI? Read on if you’re not aware of this and want to learn more.

Can a capital contribution be withdrawn from AFPSLAI?

Capital benefaction deductions may only be reclaimed when the Finance Center sends the money and AFPSLAI posts the money to your account.

A capital contribution is what?

Let’s first define capital contributions from AFPSLAI before we discuss them. Capital contributions are sums of money contributed by an individual or organization in return for stock or other ownership interests in a firm. It is typically used to support operations or pay startup expenditures.

Members of AFPSLAI are expected to make a minimum capital contribution as soon as they sign up. Paid-up Member Shares and Member Deposits make up this sum. While the latter will function as savings deposits that may be withdrawn at any moment, the former will be used as a portion of the association’s equity.

Conditions and Steps for Withdrawals

Members who satisfy specific criteria, such as having an active membership with at least one loan portfolio, being current on all payments, and having no loan accounts past due more than 90 days after the due date, may request withdrawals on their member deposits after six months. Any further contributions made after the first capital contribution may likewise be withdrawn by Members.

Members must submit an official application form together with the required paperwork, including their most recent statement of their member deposit account balance, a valid photo ID, and documentation of their billing address, in order to request withdrawals (e.g., barangay clearance). Depending on how many requests are filed, processing typically takes 20 days following submission.

The members’ postal addresses get approved withdrawal requests through a check, or if they already have a bank account with AFPSLAI or another Philippine financial institution, they can also receive them via bank transfer. No of how much money is withheld, a P250 processing charge is levied from each accepted withdrawal request.

Contributions to Capital in AFPSLAI

Do you have any future plans?

You can have access to capital contributions if you belong to the Armed Forces and Police Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (AFPSLAI). These contributions could be utilized to help you reach your long-term objectives. However, what precisely is a capital contribution, and how is it retracted? Find out by reading on.

What Are Capital Contributions?

Capital contributions are sums of money provided to the association’s General Fund by AFPSLAI members. These payments are invested by the organization to produce profits that may be applied to initiatives like loan programs and other services that benefit AFPSLAI members.

How Can Your Capital Contribution Be Withdrawn?

Your capital contribution can be withdrawn from AFPSLAI in a reasonably simple manner. Filling out an application form is the first step, which may be done in any branch office or online at their website. When requesting your withdrawal once your application has been accepted, you must produce two acceptable IDs in addition to your membership card. It is essential to remember that withdrawals cannot be made via cheques or bank transfers; they must be done in cash. Additionally, there can be limits on how many assets you can remove at once; speak with an AFPSLAI representative for additional information.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that, once claimed by the original contributor, any capital withdrawals from AFPSLAI are no longer recoverable. Additionally, any money that is left over after contributions are made will earn interest at a rate set by the organization and become a part of the member’s equity in their individual accounts.

It has never been simpler to withdraw your capital contribution from AFPSLAI! If you fulfill all conditions and submit all required paperwork, you may get your cash safely and promptly within 20 days of submission without having to worry about paying additional processing costs! So why not take advantage of this fantastic chance if you need some additional money right away? Plan your withdrawals now and get going!


It’s crucial to understand how capital contributions operate inside AFPSLAI if you’re a member hoping to use this tool to reach your financial objectives. It is not difficult to withdraw capital contributions from AFPSLAI. However, there are certain limitations on how much cash may be withdrawn at once, as well as awareness that once claimed by the contributing member, all withdrawals are non-refundable. Contact a representative of the association right once for further details regarding capital contributions being withdrawn from AFPSLAI.

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