Make adjustments to your AFPSLAI account

AFPSLAI Account Update Instructions

Do you currently have a membership in the Armed Forces and Philippine National Police (AFP) Savings and Loan Association, Inc. If so, it’s crucial to keep your AFPSLAI account updated? You will be able to make use of all the advantages of belonging to this group in this way. For advice on how to upgrade your AFPSLAI account, continue reading.

Step 1: Log in to your AFPSLAI account using the MyAFPSLAI mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, or by visiting the website at You should have gotten your username and password when you originally created your account, which you will need for this stage. Use the “Forgot Password” option or get in touch with customer service for help if you can’t remember your login information. Then proceed with updating your AFPSLAI account.

Step 2: After logging in, go to the “Account Settings” option at the top of the site. You may update your AFPSLAI account by seeing and changing any personal information here, including name, address, email address, phone number, etc.

Step 3: To access all relevant information regarding loan applications and insurance policies provided by AFPSLAI, click on the “Loans & Insurance” tab found under the “My Account” menu. This will allow you to make changes to any existing loan applications or apply for new loans or insurance policies through AFPSLAI. You may examine the details of all active loan and insurance applications here and, if necessary, submit fresh loan and insurance applications.

When may I make changes to my AFPSLAI profile?

Depending on the type of loan you have obtained, there are several updating procedures for AFPSLAI loans. For instance, you must renew an emergency loan 60 days prior to the due date or maturity date. In order to update your AFPSLAI account, educational and housing loans must be renewed within 60 days of the due date or before the maturity date.

Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

Do you want to make changes to your AFPSLAI account? Whether you’re signing up as a new member or simply making modifications to an existing account, the procedure is simple and easy to follow. This manual will help you simply update your AFPSLAI account by guiding you through each stage of the procedure.

Register & Log In

The first thing to do if you’re a new member is to create an account on the AFPSLAI website. Basic facts like your name, address, and phone number must be provided. Enter your username and password to log in after creating an account.

Update Your Profile

It’s time to update your profile after logging in. Additional facts about yourself, like your employment, marital status, and other pertinent information, can be entered here. If you’d like, you may also post a profile photo. Before submitting any changes, make sure you thoroughly examine all of the information submitted.

Account Preferences

Reviewing and, if required, updating your account settings is the next step. You may set up email reminders here for when payments are due or if there are changes to rules or regulations that apply to you or other members. To make future purchases simpler, you can link other bank accounts or payment methods and change your password if necessary.

Make changes to your AFPSLAI account

Your AFPSLAI account update process may be simple and straightforward to handle! Anyone may simply sign up for a new account or update an existing one with just a few mouse clicks if they have this instruction at their disposal. So why are you still waiting? Update your profile right away to start taking advantage of all the benefits of being an AFPSLAI member.


It’s quick and simple to update your AFPSLAI account! You may access all the advantages of being an active member of AFP Savings and Loan Association Inc., including loan applications, insurance policy information, and more, with just a few mouse clicks or taps on your mobile device. Don’t delay; log in right now to make sure your account information is current.

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