Who is eligible for EDA in AFPSLAI?

Who Qualifies for Education Development Assistance from AFPSLAI?

Do you belong to the AFPSLAI (Mutual Benefit Association, Inc.) for the Armed Forces and Philippine National Police (AFP/PNP)? Their education development aid (EDA) program may be available to you. The program offers financial help to eligible AFPSLAI personnel and their family who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in the Philippines. Let’s examine those who are eligible for EDA in AFPSLAI in more detail.

Requirements for EDA?

The main requirements for EDA eligibility include being an active AFPSLAI member or pensioner, possessing legitimate documented proof that the student is in fact connected to the AFPSLAI member, and having a satisfactory grade point average at their present educational institution. Additionally, they must enroll in any four-year course leading to a bachelor’s degree or any two-year course leading to an associate degree that is mandated by CHED while attending a college or university.

All applicants must provide original copies of the school enrollment form, along with an official receipt, the applicant’s school’s Certificate of Good Moral Character, photocopies of their grades from the start of the school year, a copy of their birth certificate, and certified true copies of their transcripts, which must include grades from high school if necessary. Furthermore, before submitting an application for renewal or a new application for new recipients, students must have passed every course they took during the semester.

Who Meets the EDA Criteria?

The following criteria must be satisfied by an application in order to be eligible for EDA from AFPSLAI:

In order to apply, a person must:

1. be a member of AFPSLAI for at least three months

2. be an officer or enlisted person on active duty

3. have completed basic training

4. have served honorably in their unit/branch of service with no pending administrative or criminal charges, and 5. have completed basic training.

What Advantages Does EDA Offer?

The purpose of the AFPSLAI’s Educational Development Assistance is to assist active members of the Philippine military and police force in meeting their financial obligations for their educational needs while they are still actively serving their nation.

Members can apply for funds through this assistance to pay for tuition, books, uniforms, school supplies, lab fees, board and lodging costs, transportation costs within Metro Manila, and actual medical expenses related to school activities upon approval by the school physician, clinic director, or hospital administrator where treatment was received.

Graduation fee upon completion of course requirements, but not exceeding P5,000 per semester, and term end examinations fee upon completion of course requirements, but not exceeding P500 per semester, and term end examinations fee upon completion of course requirements, but not exceeding P2,000 in a single payment only during an enrollment period.

EDA from AFPSLAI may be the solution for people serving in the military or police force of the Philippines who require financial aid to meet their educational demands while on duty. You can apply for this position right now if you match the eligibility standards outlined above and supply AFPSLAI Loan with the essential documentation. Visit their website or get in touch with customer support right now to find out more about this opportunity provided by AFPSLAI.

Financial Assistance Options In the EDA

The program offers a variety of financial assistance alternatives, including tuition reimbursement, book reimbursement, and living allowance reimbursement, to those who satisfy all qualifying conditions.

In addition to these reimbursements, students have the option of applying for grants and scholarships, including full scholarships, which will pay for their tuition as well as other costs like books and incidental fees. Depending on the member’s status with AFPSLAI active members receive higher amounts than pensioners and other factors like the number of dependents enrolled in college at once and the total amount allotted per region, among other things, the maximum amount awarded per semester ranges from Php 10,000 up to Php 20,000.


The Education Development Assistance Program of the AFPSLAI is intended to offer financial assistance to its active members and retired personnel through tuition fee reimbursements and scholarship grants of up to Php 20,000 per semester, depending on a number of factors, including the total number of dependents enrolled in college at once and the total amount allotted per region, among others. 

Applicants must be active members or pensioners and possess legal documentation proving their relationship to an AFPSLAI member in order to be eligible for the EDA programs given by AFPSLAI. Applicants must also have satisfactory academic standing at the present educational institution. It’s understandable that more people are utilizing this beneficial service given that AFSPALAI’s EDA program offers members pursuing higher education possibilities in the Philippines important support.

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