Percentage Is AFPSLAI Loan

Loan Is AFPSLAI In Percentage

If the average of the credit/loan principal and interest does not exceed the attainable CCA balance, the minimum loanable amount is ₱10,000 and the maximum loanable amount is 95% of the entire CCA balance. 50%* of the correct available Percentage Is AFPSLAI Loan CCA balance is the maximum loanable amount for joint accounts.

Knowing how the AFPSLAI Loan Process works

You may have heard of the AFP Service Loyalty Association Incorporated (AFPSLAI) loan if you are a member of the Philippine Armed Forces. However, what precisely is an AFPSLAI loan and what percentage do you receive? Let’s get started and find out.

An AFPSLAI Loan is what?

A financial aid program provided to personnel of the Philippine Armed Forces is known as the AFPSLAI loan. Emergency charges, school expenses, medical expenses, and other expenses are all eligible uses for this loan. It is especially useful for people who want financial assistance but don’t want to utilize high-interest credit cards or typical bank loans.

How much money could I borrow?

Your rank in the Forces of the Philippines and the length of your service determine the amount of money you are eligible to borrow. For instance, enlisted troops with more than 10 years of service may borrow up to P200,000, while officers with more than 20 years of service may borrow up to P2 million. Loans must all be repaid within five years.

What Percentage Do I Get?

Your rank, duration of service, and any other relevant considerations, such as your credit score or collateral, will all affect the proportion of an AFPSLAI loan that you are eligible to get. In general, retired employees earn a 2% interest rate, while current duty employees receive 1%. However, these rates could change based on your circumstances, so it’s recommended to consult with an AFPSLAI representative before submitting an application for a loan.

Have you heard of the loan program offered by the Armed Forces of the Philippines Service and Loan Association, Inc? The Philippine military’s current and retired troops can get financial aid through this loan program. It’s intended to assist individuals in need with their immediate and long-term financial requirements. So what proportion of loans are AFPSLAI loans? Let’s investigate!

Rates of Interest for AFPSLAI Loans

The amount borrowed, the kind of loan, and your credit score are some of the variables that affect the interest rate for an AFPSLAI loan. In general, loans with larger sums will have interest rates that are lower than loans with lesser amounts. In a similar vein, borrowers with better credit ratings may be eligible for cheaper rates than those with worse ratings.

The yearly interest rates typically range from 8.5 to 10 percent. In comparison to the majority of other loan programs provided by Philippine banks and other lenders, these rates are significantly cheaper. As a result, they become a desirable choice for people who would struggle to obtain a conventional loan owing to their credit history or lack of collateral.

Terms & Conditions for Loans

Depending on the sort of loan you are looking for, the AFPSLAI loan’s terms and conditions will vary. Long-term loans can be obtained for up to 5 years, whilst short-term loans are normally available for up to 12 months. Additionally, there are no fees associated with pre-termination or early loan payback, so if you are able to do so, this might be the best option to reduce your interest costs.

A processing fee that varies from 4% to 6%, depending on your situation, will also be charged when you apply for a new loan. This charge includes any extra penalties for late or missing payments, if any, as well as any administrative charges linked to the opening and maintaining of your account.

In conclusion, getting an AFPSLAI Loan is an excellent option for current and past members of the Philippine military to get quick cash when they need it most, without having to worry about sky-high interest rates like those seen elsewhere in the market. There is no penalty if you opt to pay off your loan before it is due, which can help you save even more money in the long run. The interest rates range from 8.5% to 10%, depending on how much you carry and your credit score. AFPSLAI provides something that will meet your needs, whether you need a little more money for an emergency or just want some extra financing possibilities available all the time!


An AFPSLAI loan could be able to help you fulfill your demands if you are a member of the Philippine Armed Forces and are searching for financial aid. Your rank, duration of service, and any additional considerations that could be relevant, such as your credit score or collateral, will all affect the amount you can borrow and the percentage rate you will be given. Contact an AFPSLAI representative right away to learn more about the amount of credit you are permitted to take out and the interest rate you qualify for.

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